Artist Bios


The latest a/v project from SpaceTruckingMogul Records, ZipZapZop is the ever evolving electronic sound of trip hop, breakbeat, electro, drum n bass coming out of the Baltimore, Maryland, USA underground. ZipZapZop is a long-awaited return to solo producing lo-budget, lo-fi, and pretty quick and dirty tracks. In his small random bits of free time in between parenting, baseball coaching and his full time higher ed career, veteran electronic producer from Socks and Sandals, pH10, Electrode Dingus 2026 and LD-50, Clark ov Saturn, employs both synthesized and analog sounds from live instruments and recordings with stream of consciousness vocals to create textured, spacey, danceable headnodding tracks that cover the range of his musical likes.

The goal for ZipZapZop is to continue creating and putting out recordings over 2022 and 2023, and eventually put together a live touring act that would include live guitar, bass, and/or other instruments along with the electronics and vocals, and of course, killer visuals and antics. Another goal is to form a relationship with someone who is great at audio engineering, who would mix and master the tracks! (And PR, and bookings, and distribution, and... and... (I simply can't do it all! - Clark ov Saturn, 2022)

Saturn has worked with NYC's Chris Jordan, aka Seej for live and recorded visuals and production. Seej produced this music video for "Rabidity Rules" (Clark ov Saturn's Running on Acid Remix) as well as the background for the new Vaccine Day video and the Spotify canvases.

History was started by Clark ov Saturn, Space Trucking Mogul, while living in Brooklyn, New York and simultaneously producing music (minimal techno with Socks and Sandals, drumnbass and breakbeats with pH10), DJing for the Sunday dub/ambient "Undercity" party at Halcyon, performing standup comedy, taking improv lessons at Upright Citizen's Brigade and People's Improv Theater with folks like Ellie Kemper, Kurt Braunohler and Andrew Hubschmann, and acting in commercials, TV and films. Originally a silly no budget videoblog that started after Saturn auditioned for the Weatherman slot on Rocketboom, ZipZapZop ran in the 2005-2006 era, before Saturn moved to the Catskills mountains to pursue a second life career in higher education technology and online learning. (During that era, he also jammed electronics with Catskills' own "Joan Group.")

Now, over a decade later, after raising two sons with his wife, several higher ed admin jobs (State University of New York at Delhi, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, University of Maryland) and earning a doctorate in business administration, Dr. Saturn returns to the a/v fold with new tracks and new vibes, as ZipZapZop.

Saturn's musical roots include:

  • playing Fender Bullet guitar with Aurelia Iowa's premiere rock band, The Fury;

  • playing Rickenbacker bass with "The PryOrrities", Decorah Iowa progressive rockers who toured all over the Midwest (w/ Mike McAbee, Dave Orr, Gary Fisk);

  • recording tunes on a 4 track cassette recorder with nothing more than a microphone and a digital delay guitar pedal in Denver, Colorado (Electrode Dingus 2026)

  • and playing electronics and doing vocals for Denver's LD-50 industrial rock band before heading to New York City with Recone Helmut as

  • pH10, who toured Europe supporting Dr. Israel and the Trumystic Sound System in 1999. pH10 subsequently played eponymous venues all over New York, like the Knitting Factory, Baby Jupiter, The Tunnel, the Frying Pan and many others, while putting out a record with Terraform Records.

  • Saturn then branched off and formed Socks and Sandals with Sean Smith (aka Nicolas Sauser), who proceeded to play epic minimal techno at venues such as The Bunker, Northsix, and others.

For more history, especially of the Denver era, see this 1 hour documentary on Clark called "Clark Saturn: Incidentally Genius" by Nicolas Sequeira, of Nicolas Comics.