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ZipZapZop & Clark ov Saturn

acidhop, triphop, breakbeat, electro, industrial
techno, minimal, electronic music
from the Baltimore, Maryland US underground

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ZipZapZop: "Our Bodies Collide"

The Vaccine Day video demo version 1 features oil video background by genius artist friend Chris Jordan NYC ( check it!

If you are a DJ, radio or would otherwise like high quality digital files of any release, please check Bandcamp and/or contact me on the socials. THANK YOU!

e23 inquired if I would do a remix from his new record with poet Chris Mosdell, which I jumped on! It helped push me back into the studio finally, after basically 15 years' hiatus, and I had a blast making it. When Seej (Chris Jordan) mentioned he could make a music video, I was through the roof with elation! Check out his work above!

Older Stuff Below:

Socks and Sandals

minimal techno, ambient house

Sean Smith and Clark ov Saturn



drumnbass, breakbeat, dub

Clark ov Saturn and Recone Helmut

Spotify - Quarks and Gluons

Spotify - Sci-Fidelity

Clark ov Saturn

acting reels:
commercials, film, TV


Tele What? How Clark got his start on the ed tech career path in 1990's
Denver, Colorado...